Why Medicine in Ital?y

In Italy, in public Universities, you only pay a symbolic value from 1200 to 4000 euros a year, depending on your income because education is subsidized by the State. In return, you receive an High-standard Education, with State-of-Art facilities, and in a Beautiful and Romantic country

Why our preparation course?

Our course has the highest success rate in the market, we prepare you for Italian Medicine Faculties entrance exam and Italian language on-line via skype, you can do it by itself or you can accumulate it with other presential course in Italy. Our best garantee is our quality so we let you do just a month course

How can I do?

The best thing to do is to buy 1 month e-learning preparation course(for the entrance exam, language course and information about the faculties and Italy) . Then, if you find it good(you will) you can buy more months. 1 month on-line prep course costs the special price of 100 euros for you to try. Further months cost 200 euros



In our courses we prepare you for the Italian Faculties of Medicine entrance exams and Italian language. Courses are given via Skype group videoconference (5 hours a week) and tell you everything you need to know about the registration process in the faculty. The courses cost 100 euros a month for the first month and 200 euros for every aditional month...We recommend at least 6 months courses. All the students that made at least 6 months e-learning courses with us entered medicine in Italy with success.



TRY 1 MONTH OF OUR PREPARATION COURSE TRANSFERING 100 EUROS FOR THE PAYPAL ACCOUNT labworldptnewsletter@gmail.com AND SEND AN E-MAIL WITH THE RECEIPT TO info@studymedicineabroad.com and/or add us in skype: Skype name: studymedicineabroad